Flare (40ML) Grooming Product for Betta Fish
Price RM15.00
Brand MFA
Size (L x W x H) 4 cm x 1 cm x 9 cm
Availability 92
  • Strength finnage & Bone Structure
  • Adding stamina to the fish
  • Help finnage to spread widely
  • Reduce clamp finnage
  • Help to maintain the form
  • Increase growth rate

Flare tonic is a grooming product used to groom finnage for a betta fish. This product is known to strengthn finage and bone structure in order to help the fish to flare elegantly. It can also help the finnage to spread widely as possible and maintain the form when the fish flare. Used widely by many show betta playes.

Add 3 drops per 1 litre of water. Observe and add a few more drops (3-4 drops) if necessary till it is visible especially for a long type finnage. Works better with catappa/ketapang leaves.